Geological & Drilling Training Courses

Wide selection of geological courses to improve your skills and knowledge within the oil & gas industry

Classroom-Based Courses:

HRH Geology offer a variety of geologically focussed courses. They range from introductory to advanced level topics aimed at professionals working in geological and drilling operations, both at the wellsite and in the office.

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Bespoke Training Courses:

Can be structured to suit any individual client companies; just select the various topic(s) required from any or all of the standard classroom-based courses. The syllabus and associated exercises can then be tailored to fit the needs and schedules of the client. Bespoke courses are usually restricted to a single-client only so can they be designed to include data, documentation, procedures, etc. specific to the client, without a loss of confidentiality. The courses can be run at the HRH Geology training facility in Aberdeen, or at the client’s own premises as required. More Info.

Taught Courses:

Geological Analysis and Interpretation Courses 

Geological Management Courses 

Drilling Courses 


Gravitas Software Suite Training Courses

Get the best out of your Gravitas Software Suite with beginner, intermediate and expert level courses. More Info


Looking For Candidates? provides a secure and innovative method of sourcing and performing competency evaluated searches for geological consultants and contractors.

Our unique system allows you to specify the skills and experiences essential to your upcoming projects. Based on your specifications, our purpose built algorithms will ensure that the most suitable candidates are identified.


Looking For a Job? provides an innovative platform for geologists to find consulting, contracting and permanent vacancies.

In addition to advertising your skills and experiences to operators globally, the GeoPlacer website allows you to plan and organise your working life, wherever you are.