Mudlogging Vacancies

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Mudlogger Job Overview

A mudlogger monitors engineering and geological information at a drilling location, and keeps detailed records of rock cuttings brought to the service by drilling mud. This provides information on the status of a well, required for efficient oil and gas extraction from the reservoir.

Mudloggers may monitor twenty to thirty parameters whilst drilling. This data is used to supply information about the condition of the well bore, drill string, and the rocks and formation fluids that are drilled. This information is used to create the mudlog, the first geological log to be produced.

Essential primary parameters include: 

  • Cuttings (rock chips)
  • Rate of penetration (ROP )
  • Weight on bit (WOB)
  • Standpipe pressure (SPP) and total gas (TG) readings.

Secondary parameters vary, but may include:

  • Torque (TRQ)
  • Rotation per minute (RPM)
  • Pit volumes
  • Mud temperatures in and out (MTI/MTO)
  • Mud conductivity (MCI/MCO)
  • Gas chromatography (C1, C2, C3, iC4, nC4, iC5, nC5, C6)
  • String weight (SW)
  • Hook load (HKLD)
  • Calcimetry
  • Shale density
  • Shale factor
  • Fluorescence

Career Progression:
Experienced mudloggers who take advanced engineering and pore pressure prediction courses can become data engineers.

If you are a mudlogger or have vacancies for mudloggers, register today.

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