Placement & Contract Types Available

GeoPlacer provides oil and gas operators with a huge amount of flexibility in geological recruitment. Depending on the requirements of your project, we will help you place contractors or permanent staff.

All geologists are individually competency checked by our own assessment team of experienced geologists, giving you peace of mind that anyone placed will be of a high standard.

Contractors Positions

We have a wide selection of geological personnel who can be used on a contractor basis through GeoPlacer. We provide numerous contracting team members for clients across the world on 'call off' contracts. 

Permanent Staff

We have a database of geologists seeking permanent contracts with oil and gas operating companies. Register today to get started with your recruitment process.

Sections of interest to Oil & Gas Operators: Geological Roles  How GeoPlacer Works 

Looking For Candidates? provides a secure and innovative method of sourcing and performing competency evaluated searches for geological consultants and contractors.

Our unique system allows you to specify the skills and experiences essential to your upcoming projects. Based on your specifications, our purpose built algorithms will ensure that the most suitable candidates are identified.


Looking For a Job? provides an innovative platform for geologists to find consulting, contracting and permanent vacancies.

In addition to advertising your skills and experiences to operators globally, the GeoPlacer website allows you to plan and organise your working life, wherever you are.