Operations Geologist Vacancies

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Operations Geologist Job Overview

Operations geologists are experienced geologists who usually work from an oil and gas operator’s office. They are involved in all stages of the development of a well, including identification of potential locations to drill and assisting the drilling team with work associated with the oil well. Vacancies are available worldwide.

Operations Geologist Job Description

During the planning phase, operations geologists put together geotechnical programmes, which scope out all the geological information and requirements. They may also produce an over pressure report.

During the drilling phase, they are the operator’s conduit for geological information to and from the wellsite, and between other interested parties such as different departments, partners and subcontractor operations teams. They receive twice daily reports from the oil rigs, pass the most up to date information between the office team and the wellsite team, and attend daily and weekly meetings to brief technical and managerial staff. They are also responsible for ensuring that all geological contractors mobilise at the correct time. 24 hour on call availability may also be required during certain stages of the operation.

At the end of the well the operations geologist will finish the composite log with test result data.

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