Wellsite Geology Vacancies

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Wellsite Geologist Job Overview

Wellsite geologists are experienced geologists working at the drilling location of an oil and gas well. They study rock cuttings to help determine the type of rock formation being drilled into and how drilling operations should then proceed. Vacancies are available worldwide. 

Wellsite Geologists Job Description

On many wells the wellsite geologist will attend pre-spud briefings with the oil and gas operator client to become familiar with the design and purpose of the well.

During drilling operations, wellsite geologists check, collate and interpret data, and may work with several subcontractors in the process. They also liaise and provide advice to personnel at the drilling site (such as drilling engineers, petroleum engineers and mudloggers) and submit reports to operations geologists at the oil and gas company's office.

The job involves a lot of predicting so it is important the geologist has an eye for the past, present and future. It is not enough to be up to date; you must also be ready for upcoming events.

Essential Knowledge & Skills for Wellsite Geologists.

Interpretation of the data collected from rock cuttings at the surface, the bottom of the hole, or in any position within the well using lag calculations is required. Many drilling parameters are available at the time a section of rock is drilled. Many critical parameters such as rock chips and formation fluids may take hours to come from the bottom of the hole and sometimes data may only become available when the drill bit comes back to the surface. The data collected during those stages gives the wellsite geologist the best estimate of when operations will change during the various drilling phases.

It’s important to have a good working knowledge of drilling engineering, direction drilling, geo steering, mud engineering, mudlogging including gas analysis, logging whilst drilling, measurement whilst drilling and wireline logging. Core logging is also supervised by the wellsite geologist.

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