Geological Disciplines for Oil & Gas Operators

GeoPlacer helps oil and gas operating companies to quickly find geological personnel. We have a database of hundreds of competency checked field geologists. They can be employed on a permanent or contractor basis. View the different placement types available

The geological disciplines offered include Operations Geologists, Wellsite GeologistsData Engineers, and Mudloggers.

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Wellsite Geologists

A Wellsite Geologist operates as the senior geologist at the drilling location.  Register today to have access to competency checked Wellsite Geologists for your project.

Wellsite Geologists

Operations Geologists

Operations Geologists will usually work from an oil and gas company's offices. They are involved in all stages of well development. Register today to have access to competency checked Operations Geologists for your project.

Operations Geologists

Mud Logger Jobs

Mud Loggers work offshore and examine rock cuttings brought to the surface during drilling operations. Register today to post mudlogging vacancies.

Mud Logger Role

Data Engineer Jobs

Data Engineers are situated in the logging unit and are responsible for the maintenance and recording measurements and drilling parameters of the equipment situated there.

Data Engineer Role

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Looking For Candidates? provides a secure and innovative method of sourcing and performing competency evaluated searches for geological consultants and contractors.

Our unique system allows you to specify the skills and experiences essential to your upcoming projects. Based on your specifications, our purpose built algorithms will ensure that the most suitable candidates are identified.


Looking For a Job? provides an innovative platform for geologists to find consulting, contracting and permanent vacancies.

In addition to advertising your skills and experiences to operators globally, the GeoPlacer website allows you to plan and organise your working life, wherever you are.